Snorkel - Classic, orange

These frontal type snorkels are ideal for finswimmers. For the perfect and stable fit they are equipped with padded ring and adjustable rubber strap. For easier and more comfortable use their end at mouth has oval form and they are also available with silicone mouthpiece. These snorkels can be useful for training of swimmers also. They are usable for improvement of swimming technics and for hypoxic trainings.

Add 1 pair of finsocks, 1 swimming mask and 1 snorkel to the Najade fins in your CART and get a 10% discount.
(SET is defined as: 1 pair of any kind of NAJADE fins ; 1 pairs of any kind of finsocks; 1 mask; 1 snorkel) 

Without mouthpiece
28.00 EUR
With mouthpiece
33.00 EUR

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  • The snorkel was developed primarily for competitors, but is also used for developing swimming technique and controlling the oxygen flow. Our snorkels arrive to you disassembled, but only by using a screwdriver you can assemble and adjust them according to your head characteristics. The setting depends on the unique distance between your mouth and forehead, and of course you should also consider the design of your swimming goggles. The length of the snorkel is exactly 48 cm, which meets the Cmas standards. You can choose smaller or larger in diameter. The smaller diameter (Junior snorkel) is more advantageous for younger swimmers, while it is easier for them to master the correct use of the snorkels, but leading competitors also like to use it on trainings, for hypoxic swimmings.