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• Most of the finswimming world records are held by competitors with NAJADE bifins
• 95% of the bi-fin competitors use NAJADE fins all around the world

NAJADE fins provide outstanding speed and energy efficiency and these properties combined with good maneuverability and turnability. They are strongly recommended to:
• Finswimmers
• Underwater hockey and rugby players
• Swimmers, for strengthening and technical training of leg
• Scuba divers

The excellent performance of NAJADE fins is provided by the special shape and made of 100% rubber, in addition to the various parts of the fins are made of different hardness (elasticity) rubber. The current types are resulted by several years of development and testing by finswimmers.

If speed, energy efficiency and comfort are essential for you, than choose NAJADE fins!
Check for details at the introduction of different type of fins.

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Worldwide shipping



Professional Service

Professional Service

Petra Senánszky

Debrecen, Hungary

Multiple world champion

World record holder in: Finswimming

Multiple World Games winner

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