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About us

Dear Customers!

Although the Najade Fins Ltd. was only founded in 2013, my relationship with these fins started about 4 decades ago. Even in 1976, when I personally started finswimming, the Najade was the best and the fastest types of fins. Back then the shaping of the fins, was quite similar to the today’s “Standard fins”. In the 80s and 90s, when I was first working as a finswimming coach and later as the president of the Debreceni Búvárklub (Diving club of Debrecen), I personally modified and developed the original Najade fins. My sportmates and my competitors took a great part in testing the modifications, and I am still grateful to them. There was a significant progress in 2007, when I managed to develop a business construction, that gave me the opportunity, to have a say in the production technology of the fins. Since then we started selling the Speed and the Sprint types, which have also gone through a lot of development in the last few years. Besides the fact, that the Najade fins are 100% made of rubber, it meant a great progress, that we started producing them according to our special compound. All the versions were tested by professional swimmers.

The development never stops, my goal is for Najade fins to be the best choice for the athletes, with the help of which they can get the best possible performance out of themselves. Thank you in advance for any helpful, or critical feedback, that may help us to improve the Najade fins. I am proud of having done a lot, to make Najade an internationally well-known and recognized brand in the world of fin sports today.



Moravecz János



The history of Najade fins.

The Najade fins (the ancestors of today’s Standard type) were first produced in East-Germany (DDR) in 1962, this was, when they were first tested. The fins were especially made for military reasons. Hereby, the German designers deserve far-reaching recognition, as they had managed to create an excellent type of fin that could go beyond the technical level at that time.


Later they started producing the fins in other socialistic countries too, as well as in Hungary, probably in the framework of intergovernmental agreements.

As the production was only made for the domestic market and in small numbers, for the manufacturers it was not worth to invest in any development. After the change in the political system in 1989, when several state-owned companies ceased to exist or were transformed, the production of Najade fins also almost came to its end.

The change came in 2006-2007, when János Moravecz, as the then president of the Debreceni Búvárklub, managed to save the Najade fins from being forgotten. Since then, the developments in production were realized, which were based on the previous experiences gained with the competitive finswimmers.

The fact, that CMAS included freestyle swimming with Bi-Fins as an event in 2006, also played a huge role in the international spread of Najade fins. Even before, Hungary had a long tradition of finswimming, including freestyle finswimming. The international success of the Hungarian competitors contributed greatly to the popularity of Najade fins, as most of them used this type of fins.

The word Najade is the German equivalent of the Najads in Greek mythology. Najads are the group of nymphs who are the custodians of springs, wells and streams.

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