Finswimming masks, light gray

The finswimming masks are developed for finswimming competitions especially. They combine the advantages of swimming goggles and diving masks. The main features of the masks: great peripheral vision, flat and shockproof design, watertight seal, stable fixation. Their closed nose part protects the mucous membranes in the nasal sinuses from the chlorinated water. There are more colors you can choose from and 3 sizes depend on the size of your head and light conditions and/or your style and feeling. Dark colors are suggested for open water swimming.

Add 1 pair of finsocks, 1 swimming mask and 1 snorkel to the Najade fins in your CART and get a 10% discount.
(SET is defined as: 1 pair of any kind of NAJADE fins ; 1 pairs of any kind of finsocks; 1 mask; 1 snorkel) 

0 30.00 EUR
1 30.00 EUR
2 30.00 EUR
3 30.00 EUR

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  • Size Length Height  
    0 11,5 cm 9,5 cm kids
    1 12 cm 9,5 cm girls
    2 13 cm 9,5 cm boys
    3 13,5 cm 9,5 cm extra large