Fin socks, Najade - 5mm

Generally you have to feel that the fins are the extension of your body, so the perfect fitting of the fins is very important. On the other hand the "too perfect fitting" gives discomfort due to clamping your blood circulation. Because of the fins sizes do not follow the foot sizes one by one, you may need fin socks. The socks are made ​​of 5 mm thick black neoprene , with open heel.

Add 1 pair of finsocks, 1 swimming mask and 1 snorkel to the Najade fins in your CART and get a 10% discount.
(SET is defined as: 1 pair of any kind of NAJADE fins ; 1 pairs of any kind of finsocks; 1 mask; 1 snorkel) 

XS 15.00 EUR
S 15.00 EUR
M 15.00 EUR
L 15.00 EUR
XL 15.00 EUR
XXL 15.00 EUR

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  • The use of the fin socks is recommended for several reasons. It protects the foot from abrasion, makes the use of fins more comfortable, but also plays a big role in energy transfer. If you use fin socks, the sock fills the gaps between your foot and the head of the fin, thus allowing more efficient energy transfer between your foot and the fin. You can choose between 3 and 5mm thick fin socks. Remember! The speed and comfort of the fin also depends on how well the fins fit on your feet and how much energy transfer is achieved.

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