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12 Feb

We have introduced Wirecard as an online payment system beside PayPal.

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Do you know? 
•    Most of the finswimming world records are held by competiting            with NAJADE bifins
•    95% of the bifin competitors use NAJADE fins all around the world

The NAJADE fins made of 100% rubber are fully recommended for competitive, educational or leisure purposes and for various water sports including: swimming, finswimming, underwater hockey, underwater rugby and scuba diving. They could provide a proper use for both professionals and amateurs.

If speed, energy efficiency and comfort are essential for you,
than choose NAJADE fins! Check for details at the introduction of different type of fins.

for divingyou can use these fins in international championshipsfor finswimming
for underwater hockeyfor underwater rugbybúvárkodáshoz
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